Optical structures matching the theoretical design through Anteryon’s unique replication technology

Anteryon’s unique glass replication (UV casting) technology is a manufacturing process at room temperature which enables manufacturing of nanometer-scale replicas of optical structures. By using a glass preform the replication technology combines the technical advantages of glass moulding with the design freedom of plastic moulding. The principle of the technology is illustrated in Figure 1.

A glass preform, for example a spherical lens, is pressed into an aspherical mould with a liquid polymer in between. The polymer is then cured with ultraviolet (UV) light and an aspherical lens is pulled from the mould. In this case the polymer is providing a correction on the optical function to make it aspherical.

Besides using a preform to start the replication process it is also possible to replicate on a flat surface. When replicating on a flat surface the polymer will make up the full optical function.

The replication technology provides design freedom for optical structures. More complex optical structures are possible, such as non-rotation symmetric lenses, beam forming optics, micro-lens arrays, binary gratings, free form mirrors and advanced diffractive optical structures.


  • Diffraction limited
  • Wide range of diameters/sizes
  • Possible to have different refraction indexes or abbe-numbers
  • Combining multiple optical functions in one optical element
  • Best cost-performance ratio
  • Fast custom design
  • In-house design, manufacturing & test capabilities


structuring glass


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