replication technology
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With our own unique low-temperature production process we manufacture high volumes of glass components with nanoscale features. In a surprisingly cost-effective manner. Components like diffraction-limited hybrid lenses and wafer optics ®. The possibilities are endless.


Our glass replica products combine the temperature stability of glass with the accuracy of polymers as is defined by the mold. This makes creating robust parts that remain extremely accurate in shape very cost-effective. Besides corrections for spherical aberration, astigmatism, coma, or otherwise, it is also possible to implement complex optical features. Like Vary Focus, beamforming, micro-lens arrays, and Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) such as gratings. Replication is not limited to transmissive objects but can also be used to create the reflective surfaces of free-form mirrors.




We can also apply replication technology on wafer-scale. And realize optical structures on glass or silicon wafers. Various wafers and spacers can be stacked and functionalities like apertures or electronics can be integrated into the layers. Enabling very high-volume and cost-effective production of complex optical assemblies.


In-house efficiency

Because we design and manufacture our replicated optics in-house we can often also reduce the number of optical elements on a system level. Which can substantially reduce the costs of production and assembly.