• Key optical sensors and components based on high-end glass and ceramics. Developed for measurement of location and positioning, signal intensity, alignment, and calibration. When top-level accuracy, cleanliness, and temperature stability are required.

    The semiconductor equipment market is demanding high accurate glass & ceramics based sensors that are used in extreme vacuum conditions. Besides requiring the highest levels of accuracy and temperature stability, cleanliness and outgassing control are pushed to the limits, requiring knowledge of materials and assembly technology and supply chain control.

    Anteryon develops and produces these sensors and components, combining precision glass machining, lithography, assembly and functional testing. Technologic boundaries are pushed by strong design and engineering capability, and interactive co-development with customers.

  • State-of-the-art and robust optical components, sensors, laser modules, and hyperspectral imagers. Designed to enable precise 2D-3D location and positioning and hyperspectral analyses. And guarantee volume control, spectral properties, content and safety inspection.

    Automation, robotizing and in-line quality inspection require a wide variety of optical sensors. Knowing the position & shape of products and AGV’s, and determining the product quality by hyperspectral imaging require next generation optics based sensors. Unique performance is created by unique optical components with unique features.

    Industrial applications require a high level of robustness and guaranteed lifetime. Besides laser-based sensors for 1D-2D-3D sensing, Anteryon develops and produces (hyper)spectral cameras and sensors, that meet the highest standards for demanding industrial applications.

  • World-class components and assemblies for medical diagnostic applications and medical equipment. Via disposables, endoscopic cameras, hyperspectral imagers, and sensors. Crucial when miniaturization and premium precision technology and cleanliness control are vital.

    Anteryon serves the medical market by components and assemblies for diagnostic applications, including disposable cartridges for micro-fluidic analysis, disposable endocopes and hyperspectral imaging cameras. Key offering is the use of glass and polymers that combine diagnostic functions in small components with integrated features like fluidic channels, optics, filters, detectors, light sources and electronics.

  • Robust, yet high-end optical modules for distance measurement and leveling applications. Based on aspheric and achromatic lenses with features. For ultimate beam quality and thermal stability over a wide distance range in the smallest form factor.

    In construction, optical measurement and sensing is significantly growing for applications like 3D mapping, distance and location measurement and leveling. Laser based projectors and smart cameras are developing rapidly, requiring optical components with special and unique properties, including aspheric lenses with features, multifocal/segmented lenses and achromatic lenses. Integration of micro-optics enable new functionalities. Anteryon develops and produces these components and assemblies.

  • High-end laser-based modules for range finding, smoke detection, 2D-3D location- and hyperspectral sensing applications. With superior spot and image quality over a broad wavelength range. Assured by our unique aspheric and freeform optical components.

    The security market is addressed with sensing applications like range finding, presence/motion/smoke detection and 2D-3D location sensing. High quality lenses are the basis for laser-based pointing and illumination modules. Hyperspectral cameras enable visualization of the invisible, enabled by in-house produced unique optical components. Outdoor applications require robust and stable devices to meet demanding environmental and reliability requirements. Anteryons knowledge on module design and production, as well as in-house testing capability ensures high quality and proven reliability.

  • Miniature form factor optical modules for wearable devices. Enabling integration of micro-optics and light sources and sensors like mini-cameras and projectors for illumination, structured light projection and under screen fingerprint scanners. Fit for 2D-3D sensing computational and hyperspectral imaging.

    Wearable devices require small sensor and projection modules. Optical sensing and projection is applied for imaging (mini cameras), 2D/3D sensing for depth sensing (face recognition, unlocking), improved photography. Ultra-small Hyperspectral imaging cameras visualize the invisible and provide new imaging-based functionalities for improved color detection, skin surface condition analysis, cosmetics and clothing. Sensing and projection modules with integrated sensors, light sources and micro-optics are the basis for small size high performing devices enabling new functionalities.

  • Micro-optics-based modules for exterior and interior projection and illumination. Enabling higher working distance, dynamic scene switching, and perfect RGB color mixing. Meeting the highest quality standards in automotive.

    Optical devices for Automotive applications include illumination and LiDaR based modules. New illumination concepts based on micro-optics components and micro LEDs enable new illumination and projection functions like dynamic scene switching and multi-color projection on curved surfaces. LiDaR applications require send and receiving modules based on lasers and high-sensitive detectors. Based on Anteryons hybdrid lenses, highest performance and smallest form factor is achieved.

  • Top-notch and solid optical components, sensors, laser modules, and hyperspectral imagers. That enable precise 2D-3D location and positioning and hyperspectral analyses. And guarantee animal and crop-friendly size, volume control, spectral properties, content, and safety inspection.