Design & manufacturing of Opto-mechatronic assemblies

Anteryon is working in a wide range of photonics and opto-mechatronic system development in the areas of optical test and measurement, spectral imaging and laser scanning.

With our system design capabilities and the availability of numerous manufacturing techniques and assembly know-how, Anteryon handles complete projects from design to manufacturing and test of complex sub-systems as well as complete systems.

Assembly techniques like accurate mounting, precision positioning and a proven adhesive

technology make assembly in the sub-micron area possible. Intensive functional testing proves that assemblies are working according to agreed specifications.

Our solutions can be qualified for your required standards like Telcordia, MIL-standards and others.


  • Optical components for the assemblies can be manufactured in-house
  • Various alignment technologies in-house for precision positioning
  • Various adhesive technologies in-house
  • In-house testing equipment
  • Knowledge of quality & environmental standards
  • Design & Engineering organisation with highly skilled engineers (PhD & MSc level)
  • Co-creation with a focus on bringing the design to production


structuring glass


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