Design for Manufacturing enables a stable product that is possible to be manufactured with a high yield

Anteryon’s DNA is to co-create with our partners. Anteryon aims to be the preferred partner for optical solutions. This is done by using its engineering capabilities to design optical solutions that will enable a high yield stable production flow for the complete product life-cycle. Anteryon’s unique approach in designing complex opto-mechatronic assemblies is to start with the optical path to guarantee the optical function of the solution. All other customer wishes and constraints are taken into account with the optical function in mind.

We have the in-house capability of optical, mechanical and electronic design, in combination with the internal capabilities of the manufacturing processes. With these, Anteryon is able to realize the right choices needed to manufacture these assemblies in cost-effective way, without concessions to functionality and specifications.

This unique combination of capabilities opens new perspectives for customers in the area of opto-mechanical (sub-)assemblies.


  • Optical simulation with Zemax, Light Tools and ASAP enables design of complex optical functions
  • 3D mechanical design to handle all architecture and component design within the form factor constraints and to meet all specifications
  • Electronic and software design complement our capabilities to design a complete opto-mechatronical assembly
  • Transparant project management on cost and timing based on a milestone approach
  • A solid Product Creation Process ensures quality of design and proper use of tools
  • All design and engineering is focused on transferring the design to production


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