3D structuring
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We achieve highly accurate form and shape tolerances in glass. Via our in-house grinding and polishing capabilities. With laser machining and powder blasting features such as vias, we can realize channels and pillars on wafer and panel scale.


Our in-house experts and equipment are at the ready to perform various operations such as CNC milling (5-axis), drilling, chamfering, contouring, and grinding of glass and ceramics. The geometry of the parts can vary from a few millimeters to 500 mm in size. We are fully capable to realize dimensional accuracies in the micron range. With our specially designed CNC finishing, sub-micron accuracy is possible for application in high-tech sensors and tools.



With precision polishing, we improve the flatness and roughness of surfaces. For parts like windows, mirrors, wafer chucks, and plan-glasses. Including sizes up to around 450 mm. We’ve successfully developed special polishing processes for substances such as Quartz, fused silica, Zerodur, ULE and, YAG.


We use powder blasting, laser machining, and dicing technologies to work on wafer or panel scale. To singulate components, matt surfaces and realize highly accurate and complex patterns. Typical examples are fine channels, holes, and pillars. Special shapes can be created. Selecting the best process depends on many parameters such as dimensions, the need for tapering, and other required process steps such as coating or etching. Whatever your wishes and requirements are. We are here to help.